In Umbria, agriculture has always been an important economical sector and therefore agriculture mechanics is highly developed. The companies of the sector are all highly qualified and specialized.

Agrimech Umbria: Agricultural Mechanics and Technology Industrial Network of Umbria: in order to respond better to the global economic crisis and new challenges,some companies of this sector have chosen to enter a flexible and innovative network. The aim is to increase competitiveness without having to give up their independence.

Agrimech network was founded in May, 2012 and is composed by 8 Umbrian companies. It aims to:

  • promore its companies on foreign markets;
  • share experiences, contacts and projects;
  • develop industrial and commercial cooperation;
  • develop training and research projects.

The network has chosen Umbria Expèort as its general representative, with Italian and foreign national and local entities, which can help achieve this goal.