biomedicaleUmbrian biomedical companies stand in a highly dynamic business environment. They are a centre pf excellence in the Italian health field and are, like all Italian companies, mostly SMEs. Almost all medium and large sized companies are subsidiaries or associated with major national and international corporate groups.

Biomedical Science and Technology Cluster of Umbria

Created in order to bring together the technology, skills and know-how of Umbrian companies in the biomedical sector. These companies integrate each other with regard to technology, expertise, products and services thus allowing Biomedical Cluster to act as a single body offering their clients comprehensive integrated solutions.

From hospital consultancy to the design to the design of products and tailor-made services; from supply of consumable products, equipment and furnushings to management of related services such as laundry, catering and core services (e.g. sterilization of operating room tools and proper maintenance of instruments and equipment). The network has chosen Umbria Export as its general representative, with Italian and foreign national and local entities, which can help achieve this goal.