AREA8,456 km2



food and wine

Umbria is rich in vineyards, olive tree groves, truffles and legumes. These products represent a great social and cultural value for the region and are exported all over the world. Other local specialties include: beer, charcuterie, cheese, chocolate and much more.


In Umbria there is always something to do:


Umbria boasts many world renowed brands of cashmere. Many companies work for important international brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Valentino. From small handicraft laboratories to world renowned labels, the textile sector in Umbria always pays attention to new fashion trends whilst at the same time maintaining long-standing traditions alive.


Mechanics represents one of Umbria’s most important economic sectors in terms of turnover, export and employees. Main productions areas include: automotive, agricultural mechanics, avionics and other high-tech sectors.


In Umbria there are more than 200 companies that work in the paper, press and publishing industries. The companies are mainly small and medium-sized and work both locally and on an international scale. They are able to cover verious types and stages of printing and offer a considerable number of products and services.



Arts and crafts are dominant sectors in Umbria which merge heritage, traditions and culture. We should also mention ceramics, artistic productions, weaving and embroidery, wood and reproduction of furniture of various historic and stylistic periods, artistic glass and wrought iron.


Renewable energies represents one of the sectors in which Umbria can boast national and international excellence. Umbria’s landscape contributes to very high awareness of issues such as energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. In 2010 was founded a Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Enrgy Sources .