Project title: AGRICULTURE DURABLE – Support to the Tunisian agro-industrial sector through the creation and consolidation of agricultural enterprises, the promotion of sustainable irrigation techniques and agricultural mechanization, following the example of the Italian best practices in business networks” Cod. AID 10931 ELIS/TUNISIA
Countries Tunisia
Donors Italian Cooperation and Development Agency funds
Role of  Umbria  Export Co-applicant
Cost  of the action  € 1.998.000
Dates 07/04/2017 – 06/06/2021
Objectives and results of the action
The project aim to contribute to Sustainable Rural Development in Tunisia, through the consolidation of the agro-industrial entrepreneurial enterprises and the generation of employment.
The specific objectives are: strengthened entrepreneurial fabric in the industrial agri-industry, in the example of the experience of Italian business networks, in 13 Tunisian Governments, in milk, oil, pomegranate, dairy and citrus sectors, through the creation of young businesses, the consolidation of family-owned agricultural activities, and the improvement of agricultural services.
The expected results are:
R1. Start – up of young and female enterprises in the agro-industrial sector and enhancement of agricultural business services through technical, administrative and financial support to new entrepreneurs and models of agricultural social enterprise
R2. Increased productivity and economic sustainability of existing agro-industrial companies and SMSAs – Cooperative agricultural services, through management and technical consolidation and agricultural mechanization, inspired by Italian models
R3. Improvement of GDA (agricultural development group) services by strengthening technical-managerial skills, promoting sustainable irrigation systems
R4. Creation of cluster