Traditional arts and crafts is a dominant sector in Umbria which merges with heritage, traditions and culture. It is concentrated in the following areas: ceramics, artistic productions, weaving and embroidery, wood and reproduction of furniture of various historic and stylistic periods, artistic glass and wrought iron.

  • Ceramics


Higly creative art, ceramic is rooted in Umbrian historical and cultural heritage and represents an important sector for tourism and local economy. Umbria is among the prime regions in Italy for the production of artistic ceramics and tableware. Production is situated mainly in Deruta, Gialdo Tadino and Gubbio.

  • Wood


Artisans work with different manufacturing specialization: furniture in modern and old styles, doors and windows, musical instruments, wood carving and antique furniture restoration. One of the cities in which wood carving is most famous in Umbria is Città di Castello.

  • Wrought iron


This craft has been typical in Umbria since the middle ages. Today, artisans produce all kinds of furniture and accessories.

  • Jewelry


Gold has been worked in Umbria since Etruscans times and is still an important craft. Cities in which this handcraft is famous are Perugia, Terni, Spoleto and Torgiano.